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Sean Farley
Broker / Owner

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Novus Realty Group

"The Novus brand represents the principles upon which it was founded--hard work, dedication and success."

Sean Farley
Broker / Owner

After building a stellar reputation working on Wall Street, Sean decided to finally pursue a longtime goal of establishing a real estate firm that would offer its clients unsurpassed representation. The idea for Novus Prime Properties was conceived after Sean evaluated his own experiences buying and selling properties in the New York area.

"The barrier to entry for becoming a real estate agent is very low. Some people enter the real estate business with only a passing interest or in some cases, to make a fast buck. We founded Novus to reinvent the old model."

Sean assembled a team of professionals engaged in continuing education and devoted to superior customer service. The Novus Prime Properties agents are full-time professionals who are committed to creating lasting success for their clients. Sean also has a wide-ranging, established network of contacts throughout the industry.

During his tenure in finance, Sean traded upwards of a billion dollars daily for his clients while working for a publicly traded company. Client services is at the heart of Sean's skillset. As a trader, he built a customer base of hundreds of people from New York City to Tokyo.

"Sean and I have worked together for over a decade on a variety of projects including raising capital for real estate investment deals. I have watched him work tirelessly on behalf of his clients more than anyone else I know. He is focused on three things--people, people, people." -- Brian T. Leary, Managing Partner, CPEX Real Estate Services

Continuously engaged in giving back to the community he loves, Sean is actively involved in a variety of charitable organizations and has done years of fundraising for worthy causes. He built a sports program for a school that had none which benefited disadvantaged children, he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for children and adults facing illnesses without the proper health insurance to win their fights, and he organized dozens of family-oriented events over the years to assist the community. He has built a reputation for care and understanding for others. Sean is known as a person who gets things done.

"Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest transactions of a person's life. At Novus, we are dedicated to making this a smooth transaction from beginning to end."